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blonde kim kardashian
Kim K with Blonde Hair

Blonde Kim Kardashian

Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Haircut Every Time
Dull hair, change of season, prom, Mother’s Day, graduation — whatever the reason, the opportunity to try a new ‘do or get a basic trim is hard to resist. However, the process of getting the perfect haircut can present two challenges: scheduling the appointment and getting exactly what you want.
Setting up a hair appointment with a stylist can seem like an impossible mission. Comparing schedules with the stylist can become a one-way conversation that leaves you frustrated. Instead, try a “walk-in” salon where timing is often less of an obstacle — an invaluable benefit for busy parents.
The next most common challenge is communicating with the stylist. The main reason for a less-than-perfect haircut is miscommunication between the customer and the stylist.

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