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Summer Hair Care and Protection
Summer is just around the corner; but unfortunately this sun-drenched season can be extremely harmful to hair. Most people use some form of skincare protection during the months but sadly, most of us don’t even think about the harsh effect this environment has on hair. Ritual sunbathing and swimming deliver a one-two punch that will damage even the healthiest hair by exposing it to harmful UV light, sea salt, and pool chemicals. And If your hair is already dry, brittle, damaged, bleached or dyed, AND unprotected, you can expect a total beauty knockout!
Unprotected hair soaks up the sun’s rays and the pool’s chlorinated water like a sponge. Sun, wind, salt, chlorine… all these elements are harsh on your hair. Heat has a drying effect (the hair’s moisture content is reduced, it loses its softness); wind dries out the hair and increases static electricity; UV rays weaken the hair and fade color. Salt and chlorine attack the hair. All these factors leave your hair damaged. The cuticle opens up, the hair breaks, and split ends appear. Result: hair loses it’s natural elasticity and becomes dry and brittle causing breakage, hairloss and other problems – your hair is dry, dull and impossible to style.

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