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STELLURE Limited has released its world-first 3D hairstyle visualization software. Utilizing patent-pending technology Stellure has reinvented the very idea of virtual makeover software. To date, those seeking to visualize themselves in new hairstyles have had to resort to a flat 2 dimensional cropped photograph of themselves and potential hairstyles. Stellure changes this by creating a 3D model of users faces that they can then try hairstyles on from an ever expanding catalogue of 3D hairstyles.
With Stellure, someone seeking a new hairstyle can know what it looks like from all directions. To adequately appraise the desirability and suitability of a new hairstyle, a user needs to be able to view more than a front view and Stellure offers that increased perspective. Users are even provided with a four panel print out and a styling description to take with to the salon. Taking the plunge and opting for a new hair cut will no longer require nerves of steel.
Within the hair fashion industry Stellure is creating a buzz of excitement. Some are even predicting that Stellure will change the way in which people approach choosing a new hairstyle. Jo Clarke, a guest stylist for Stellure believes that “Stellure is the next step in the evolution of hairdressing”.

Although there is ground-breaking and sophisticated technology driving Stellure, from a user perspective it is simple to use. There isn’t even any software to install on your computer as Stellure is a web application. After purchasing a membership users simply upload one or two photographs of themselves so that their 3D model can be created. After that they can log in use the software and their model from any computer with an internet connection.
What’s even more exciting about Stellure is that it is reasonably priced. As a launch special, LIFETIME memberships are being offered at a never to be repeated price. There are also 6 and 12 month subscriptions available.

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