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long braid hairstyles for women

The long hair of a surfer is a major attraction to the opposite sex. Male or Female, long hair is always noticed. The bleaching effects of the sun and salt are especially beautiful on long hair.
Personally, I surf better with long hair. When I take off on a wave and a section of hair falls over my eyes I do this maneuver of hair adjustment while trying to maintain trim. Sort of like walking and chewing gum at the same time. I know it makes me look cool. Another maneuver that makes one look cool is the adjustment of baggies or suit while trying to maintain trim. But back to the hair subject.
One day I plan on saving a lot of money by using my hair as a leash. I figure it will really enhance the skill of never loosing contact with the board.
On the negative side of long haired surfing, there is nothing more embarrassing than placing a hand on the hair upon take off. One is immediately yanked back down on the board and rides the perfect wall on his/her belly. Although this maneuver is good for a laugh or two.

Secondly, there is nothing more uncomfortable than recovering from a knarly wipe out to find the first breath of air — rather — hair plastered to the face. This requires frantic attempts of quick removal. This occasional happenstance has led me to believe that it is most appropriate to tie the long hair back, especially on more challenging days.
And finally, long hair tends to become very abused. Dry hair and split ends are a common problem. The long haired surfer tends to purchase mass quantities of conditioner and must dowse the hair with it. This treatment will protect the hair from the salt water and leave a nice aroma in the line-up.

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