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long hair cuts with layers

Flaking and dandruff causes and cures
Afraid to wear a black blouse? You’re not alone — sooner or later almost everyone experiences at least a little flaking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have dandruff. There are several things that can cause flaking that, technically speaking, aren’t dandruff.
Buildup: Heavy conditioners and many styling products are made to stick to your hair and can prevent the natural shedding of skin. Use a clarifying shampoo to rid yourself of buildup, and be sure to rinse very thoroughly every time you wash and condition. Keep very oily or greasy products away from your scalp.
Dry scalp: This is a pretty common occurrence, especially in winter. When you wash your hair, use a mild shampoo and give yourself a scalp massage to loosen flakes. Resist the temptation to overcondition, which can cause buildup, but give yourself an occasional deep conditioning if necessary.
Sensitivity: Your scalp might be reacting to harsh ingredients in shampoo; try using a gentler product.

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