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long hairstyles for round face shape

Pick a Process: There is the ever standard Single process which is the easiest and can be performed at home if given a lesson and the product. There is Double-processing; a service where two steps must be performed to achieve the desired results. DON’T TRY IT! Even most pros can’t get this one down without damaging the hair. It is normally done with lightening hair to an extreme after being very dark haired. There is Highlighting which I love! So, does my boyfriend although he is braver than I and gets lowlighting as well. I am not so brave, and I am stubborn. Highlighting is where certain chosen strands to make lighter to create depth and that natural sun drenched look. The Lowlighting is just the opposite where it creates a nice balance and not so obviously dyed look. It creates depth and dimension to lightened hair or lighter scaled colors. There is Toning which I do to balance out my brassy tones that I get sometimes. I get a violet toner mixed in my color when I get my roots done. For some reason she just can’t seem to color my hair without getting this yellow overcast. Blah! lastly, there is Filling I have had this done as well. It is the use of color or conditioner or both (like I had) to fill porous hair prior to an application of a final color formula. My hair used to be pretty damaged, but not anymore!

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