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long length hairstyles for women

Hair Feels Really Rough
I’m really sick of my problem hair. It’s rough, wiry but not brittle and has no split ends. I don’t know if they’re dry. I’ve tried moisturising conditioners with limited success. Can anybody advise?
“I would personally suggest trying a recommended deep conditioner once a week. For optimum resuslts wash hair as normal, put on the conditioner wrap with cling film or put on a shower cap, then wrap in a towell and leave for twenty minutes, then rinse. Also have you tried leave in conditioners?”
“I hear you! i have naturally fine, curly, puffy, and dry hair. I still havent found a miracle. first, split ends will never stick back together, cut them OFF before they climb up second, for deep conditioning combine(i know its gross)combination of egg yolks, a bit of honey, olive oil (or any other oil). Keep it on for 1 hr or as long as you want, then wash it off. ”
“After years or tears from unruly hair, here’s what I’ve found that works. Not perfectly but why not try.It’s more the HOW than the WHAT. Use the gentlest shampoo or just dilute your favorite.Pretreat with your favorite moisterizer. Wash with DISTILLED water,especially after relaxing, perming and coloring. Add a tiny bit of vinegar to the last rinse.Then add conditioner again.Leave it in. Wipe or rinse off the excess. Then (gently)warm comb it. That will get off dead ends. “

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