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make up cat eyes

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If you already a new haircut and not to sure which style would suit you. Here’s a guideline. If you have great bone structure, you’ll be a sure stunner in short hair. Since short hairs don’t fall limp, your style will look fuller and soften finely chiseled features. If you have a narrow face, a midlength mane with layers is an ideal option. Shoulder-level hair will frame your head nicely, while the layers will add volume to counterbalance the thinness of your face.
For a round face, keep tresses long (one length or layered) to avoid the chubby-cheek look. A shorter cut will only flatter you if the back is longer than the front. The style for a square jawline is a mane that falls just above or right at your shoulders. Cropped hair just makes jawlines more pronounced. Also avoid having bangs cut straight across your forehead; the square shape will box in your face. If you neck is on the short side, keep locks long. A super short cut will only accentuate your neck’s lack of length

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