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makeup for greenish blue eyes

A whole renewed you!
First, look at all the colors that you tend to wear over and over again. Not the dusty drawer of stuff that’s used once and never again. No, the colors you always tend to grab. Look at them. There’s a reason why they work. You wear them everyday,cause you like how they make you look. You feel good. You’ve gotten compliments. It works. Every time. What’s the thing they have in common? Color? Quality? Performance? Make a mental list and then go 1 step beyond. Go for a color deeper or lighter than what you see before you. Whew. Step 1 completed. Wasn’t that easy?
Okay, next. What’s the texture you wear the most? Is it Matte? Shiny? Dewy? Shimmering? Iridescent? Glittery? Now, go the next step. Go from matte to dewy, or shimmery to glittery. Push the envelope a little bit. Just a little bit.
Last but not least, look at where you put the ‘focus’ of your look. Do you play up the eyes? The lips? Blush? Okay, soften that area, and focus on the other one. Is it eyes? Then play up lips this time. Or vice versa. Shift the focus a little bit.

Three simple things. And the best part is that you don’t have to do them all together. What makes us reject something is that it’s far beyond what we feel is the norm. And that goes with makeup too. We immediately don’t like that dark burgundy black lipstick, when we’re used to the pale nude brown. So we quit. It’s only because it’s so far beyond our ‘comfort’ look that we reject it every time. So don’t go that route. Back up a bit. Take it easy on yourself. Just one new thing. See how it makes you feel. Hear what others say. And you’ll be surprised that you really do have a whole new look. No, really. You just didn’t think it’d be this easy.
Oh, and congratulations. You’ve just been renewed.

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