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makeup for hazel eyes

Get out of that Beauty Rut.
With life getting more hectic with every passing day, I’m always trying to find ways to make makeup time in the morning go quick and easy. Hmmm, quick and easy can be crazy sometimes, especially when trying to wade through that mini mall I call my makeup drawer sometimes.
So what I’ve done is create ‘QUICK TRICKS’ within my makeup madness.
And I’ve found it does wonders in getting me out the door fast!
What kills ‘time’ in putting on makeup, is usually the 10 minutes or so spent sitting there trying to figure what the heck I’m going to do today. What’s my look for today? I don’t know.
Well, that took 7 minutes.
I get bored with my look just as much as everyone else, and yet I tend to fall backwards into the same trap, ah, I mean look, over and over.

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