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makeup tips for hazel eyes

Another ‘QUICK TRICK’ I use is my ‘mixing’ box. Another, although smaller pretty box. Full of those eye shadow colors I just can’t bring myself to wear, the old tired lipsticks I stopped wearing years ago. The colors that I just don’t use, no matter what. But I don’t want to throw them away. In this box of fading blush, eye shadow and all, I’ve also thrown in
a pure oil like Vitamin E Oil or
Camomile Pure Essential Oil
clear lip gloss,
Crystal Clear Lip Gloss
a small bottle of moisturizer.
Daily Moisture Lotion
My “mixer” tools I call them.
With that moisturizer, I can
create a cream blush with that weird plumy red eye shadow that I won’t use anymore
create a killer highlighter cream with that cool iridescent cream eye shadow that went out 5 years ago.
create a cream blush by applying your moisturizer first on your cheeks,and then your ‘eye shadow’ or lipstick color on top for a better blend.
The Vitamin E oil and/or lipgloss?
Create ‘lipsticks’ out of eyeshadows and blush
use on top of cheeks, eyelids
on top of lips for a going out look, that’s shiny and better for your skin than Vaseline. And stays on all night.
So there you have it. Simple quick tricks that can turn your makeup boredom, into a morning of creativity.

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