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medium bob haircut with side bangs

All skin: To help avoid separation, wait five minutes after applying foundation before applying concealer, says Aston. Get a smooth finish by applying foundation in downward strokes, in the direction that facial hairs lie. Skin with a sheen rather than a matte finish looks younger because young skin naturally has a smooth surface that reflects pigment well.
Normal skin: If you have near-perfect skin, even out imperfections with foundation and spot-cover under the eyes with concealer, says Raffaele. If you don’t have circles under your eyes, just apply foundation with a small brush.
Dry skin: Start with a well-moisturized surface to give the foundation extra slip, otherwise it grabs too quickly and you get more coverage than you need, says Espinet.
Oily/acne-prone skin: Choose a light formulation that is suited to your skin and avoid ingredients such as lanolin or petroleum. Oily skin doesn’t like heavy coverage—it makes it oilier. Use an opaque liquid concealer to spot-cover blemishes instead, says Espinet.
Mature skin: Avoid (or at least minimize) foundation and heavy concealer in wrinkled areas, says Espinet. The more makeup, the worse they will look.

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