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medium length hairstyles for long faces

A few things that you can do to ensure that your hair follicles remain healthy and your hair is undamaged, are:
1. Take an inexpensive daily multi vitamin such as ‘One-A-Day’ or even ‘Flintstones.’ Your hair likes zinc and biotin and both of the above mentioned vitmins contain ample amounts of these. Don’t waste your hard earned money on ‘super vitamins.’ Your body only requires so many vitamins per day and simply discharges the excess. You can’t put twenty gallons in a ten gallon tank. In some instances, over dosing on supplements can actually be fatal.
2. Do not over brush your hair. With every stroke you damage your hair more. Brush only as much as you need to style the hair, then stop.
3. Buy a good quality brush or comb without sharp plastic or metal ridges. This is one of the common factors leading to split ends, as is over brushing.

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