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natural evening makeup looks

Next, color.
Cream blush, dotted on the apples of the cheeks “smile” and blended back towards the ear so it looks real. Then dot a little on the lips color permitting of course. And even on the eyelids, blended of course. If you really want to feel healthier and younger, a dewy look that’s believable is the key.
Are you happier with powdered blush? Then apply cream blush first on cheeks, and then a little bit of powder blush on top….it’ll take longer, but by setting with blush rather than powder, you can check off a step. For eyes, apply your eye shadow on wet.
With toner that’s alcohol free or an Eyeliner Sealer, apply with a sponge applicator or a eyeshadow brush and brush on a light layer of toner across the eyelid or in the crease. Trick is to mist the eye shadow, not drench it. Or dampen the applicator/brush first and then pick up your color. That way, you avoid drenching the product and possibly even ruining it. You’ll pick up the right amount of color then apply.

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