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pin up girl hairstyles

Pin up hair styles

Hair Creams -like Khiel’s Silk Groom
Creams add body to hair, and texture, as in it gives your styling tools something to hold on to. Great for thin, straight, slightly wavy hair.
Hair Shines -like Aveda’s Pomade
A wax, grease, or oil that can weigh down hair, adds shine, and enhances all waves and curls. Great for thick hair, kinky hair, and straight fine hair, if used sparingly.

Hair Gels -like Lanza’s Curls & Color Liquid Gel
Gels act as memory for your hair when you’re trying to make it do something it won’t. Like from straight to curly. Gels always respond best to heat in the styling department, like curling irons, hot rollers, and blow dryers. This is pretty much the only way you will get your hair to look different. Whether it’s straight to curly or vice-versa. Like your hair in it’s normal state? Then apply a small amount of gel to dry hair, but with no heat. Gels enhance your hair the way it already is. Got wavy hair? It’ll look even better…. Key note here: Lanza’s gel mentioned is perfect for those that hate the FEEL of gel. Your hair stays soft to the touch.Hair Sprays -like Sebastian’s Laminates Hair Spray-or
12 Hr Hairspray
Hair sprays lock everything in place. Once it’s there, you’re pretty much done. Keep an eye on what it says: light hold? strong hold? Which one you use depends on how difficult your hair was to get to this state in the first place. Also, another important note, Sebastian’s Laminates Spray is one of the few that you can use with heat, as in hot rollers and curling irons without damaging your hair. A hair stylist’s dream.

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