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easy pin up updo

Vintage pin up hairstyles for girls.
The Easy Way to do your Hair
Okay, you’ve tried this and that, and what we really want are super easy fast ways to do our hair.
And still look good of course. A lot is in the hair product used, (ever used the hairspray that turned your hair into glue? ) And a lot is in how you do it.
Well, we thought we’d give you tricks of the trade. You know, the way your hairdresser does it.
Fast, simple, effortless.

What DOES he know that you DON’T?
First off, get to know your HAIR TEXTURE and what it will and won’t do. Is it curly, straight or wavy?
Is it kinky? Is it thin, full, in-between? Is it short, medium, long? Make a mental list of all the things your hair will do on its own without any help from you. A lot of “too-hard” hairstyles are from trying to get your hair to do something it simply will not.
1″ Curling Iron
Now, what would your hair do with a little coaxing from you? With the curling iron, does it turn into magic ringlets?
1 1/2″ Curling Iron
Can you make it super straight with your blow dryer? We’re talking realistically here, not in your dreams.
1600 Watt Euro Salon Hair Dryer
Now, for the hard, cold reality………what will it not do even if your life depended on it? You know, stick- straight hair that will never see the curls of the goddess of Venus ater 20 minutes. Curly hair that will not straighten, but it will frizz? Half the battle is knowing and respecting your hair’s limitations. Your hairdresser does. Now it’s your turn.
2 Step Straightening Iron
Okay, we’ve figured out what it loves to do, and what you can MAKE it do.

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