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purple hair updo style

All skin: Powder will help set makeup and dry the skin’s surface and, when needed, should be applied last after all other moist products (including cream blushes and eyeshadows) to reduce shine and streaking, suggests Raffaele.
Dry skin: Try an illuminating powder to prevent the dulling effect, adds Raffaele. To avoid looking too powdery, spritz the skin lightly with a face mist afterward to help it look more “worn in” for real skin texture, recommends Espinet.
Mature skin: If you have a lot of lines under your eyes, avoid powder in that area. It will accentuate them, warns Aston.
FLARE’s picks: Clinique Gentle Light Pressed Powder (sheer and light-refracting), Prescriptives Powderful Adjustable Coverage Pressed Powder (a “smart” powder that absorbs oil when needed and adds moisture when needed).

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