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short blonde hairstyles for black women

Which ‘shade’ of blonde to use after Pre-lightening?
Its personal preference really. There is a lot of debating about ‘cool’ and ‘warm’ skintones and I guess it’s safe to say that someone with very fair skin will suit a more ‘whiteish’ blonde and that someone with more ‘olive’ tones may suit a more ‘honey’ coloured blonde…..but as many of us are a mixture of something inbetween the two and eye colour is so varied, well, it’s hard to put hard and fast rules on it. If you use a semi-permanent dye afterwards, I would whole-heartedly recommend this, then your options are endless for experimentation with different blonde shades, so you can play around with them and see what suits. Then if you decide to put a permanent dye in you know exactly what shade you want.
Shades go all the way round from the whitest ‘platinum’ blonde like Marilyn Monroe, to shades which are more warm and ‘golden’ ie Rachel Hunter, to a light ‘strawberry’ blonde which is almost red. The more ‘whiteish/grey’ blonde shades are collectively known as ‘ash’ blondes.

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