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short blonde hairstyles for over 40

Sounds weird doesn’t it ? But it is all to do with ‘opposite’ colours on the colour spectrum.
The opposite of yellow is purple/violet and using a purple shampoo/conditioner will effectively neutralise all the yellow ‘tones’ in the hair. It DOES work honest. In fact there are a number of products specifically designed for this problem and what they do is deposit a tiny bit of ‘purple-hued’ pigment in the hair to calm the yellow tones down. It also works for natural blondes in need af a bit of a boost, as well as highlights.

There are more and more of these ranges coming on the market too for all hair colours and they work the same way as the purple conditioners. These are excellent at ‘freshening up’ your colour if it’s starting to look a little dull. They come in several varieties and also give a nice ‘shine’ too.
There are also a few styling products out there. One of the one’s from the John Frieda Sheer Blonde range is a ‘Dual Action’ mousse for blondes. Its a violet tinted styling mousse. It works for styling AND counteracting brassy tones all at once. It’s very good. But like I aid there are lots if you look, especially in bigger stores. And online you are spoiled for choice if you a re willing to pay a bit extra for a brand like Aveda/Tigi or Redken etc. You’ll notice that a lot of them contain purple pigment in them. This is exactly what you need to get rid of brassy hair. I’ve named a few at the bottom of the page.

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