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I’ve had a baby recently and i’ve noticed my hair has changed dramatically. help!
Personal Hair Advisor: First, don’t panic. With a new baby to care for, hair problems are probably the last thing on your mind. But as your body shifts from no longer being pregnant, the lusher, fuller feeling of your hair can be expected to change. But, take heart. On average, women lose 50 to 80 hairs a day when they’re not pregnant. The loss you’re experiencing is part of of your body’s natural post-pregnancy rhythm.
That hair loss is completely natural and normal, and your hair will grow back. When you’re pregnant, however, your body creates different hormones and shuts down others. The result is that your fingernails grow quickly and you don’t lose any hair, so it feels very thick. After you give birth you will quickly lose all of that excess hair. In essence, you’re losing the same amount of hair as if you weren’t pregnant, you’re just losing it much, much faster.

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