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sleek ponytail with bangs
Sleek ponytail with bangs is a type of ponytail that is about to get a smooth, silky and straight hair ponytail with the fringe on the forehead. This style is ultimately gorgeous for the girls who are student or doing a job at some office.

This ponytail style is very easy to do. Just prepare your hair for hairstyling by shampooing, conditioning and then blow drying. Now apply hair straightener serum or balm on the hair and brush the hair. You can iron your hair as well, but it is optional. A very smooth and silky look will be created on your hair.

Then you have to make a ponytail. Take an elastic and then take your hair at the back of your head combined with your hand palms and then bind with elastic in form of a ponytail. For getting the proper style, you should have haircut in which you get bangs on your forehead.

So, spray your hair and bangs in front to give the maintenance and shine. The sleek ponytail with bangs is just done!
sleek ponytail with side bangs

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