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smokey eyes with brown shades

On practicing, I’ve noticed that foundation sprays on incredibly fine and almost like a veil. Coverage is incredible, and you literally look ‘sprayed’ on. It some ways it looks ‘too perfect’ and almost ‘fake’. I can see why film and TV makeup artists are using this. I’ve also checked into the specialized ‘airbrush’ foundations, and found that they’re pretty much a diluted water-based foundation. Testing a few, I opted to go with the Mac Studio line foundations, and dilute them with 2-3 drops of water. Or think 70% water, 30% foundation. Depending on how many layers you spray, you get super sheer, to medium coverage. Up close, it looks like there’s literally nothing on. From far away, you can really see the coverage. In regular foundation application, the opposite is true. A recent photo shoot I did had the photographer comment that I didn’t use enough base…but when on the set, it looked perfect. I’m finding that you really can’t create an entire face with the airbrush but it’s a great extension to your brushes. I’ve already had several celebrities “insist” on the airbrush. I can see why. You look perfect, but with ‘nothing’ on.

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