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vintage pin up hairstyles for long hair

vintage pin up hairstyles bandanas

Lanza “Strait”
Need to control that curly, frizzy hair? Lanza’s new “Strait” line offers a complete line to be used when you’re needing to look silky straight. Complete with shampoo, conditioner, and stying cream, all products are made to weigh hair down slightly to create better control. You still have to go through the straightening process with a blow dryer or straightening iron (what, you were expecting a miracle?), but it works without building up or flaking. They recommend to use the products 1-2 times a week to avoid overdoing it. Try the styling cream first and go from there.

Want your hair to look wet? I mean really wet? Then check out “Gloss”. This gel makes hair look super shiny,without any flaking, stickiness and or tackiness. It also stays ‘moist’, so you can rework hair later if needed, and you never get stuck with ‘bulletproof’ hair.

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