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vintage pin up hairstyles with bandanas

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Want hair to stay in place without stickiness or stiffness? Try Sebastian’s new “Buff”. Looks like yogurt, but acts like a wax. Apply to damp or dry hair. The secret here is to use your blow dryer after application. The heat activates the product, and gets your hair to shine, and stay in place at the same time.

“Molding Mud”
Definitely a ‘guy’ product, but one we girls can use as well. Reformulated, and better than ever, their molding mud works great to define texture on short hair styles. Also works to create a ‘dirty’ look for hair…just apply a tiny amount on dry hair, then, run over with damp hands….let dry….instant drama.
“Potion 7”
Khiel’s Silk Groom may have a competitor…fantastic conditioning ingredients, that can be applied to wet or dry hair, leaves hair super shiny, soft, without a buildup from repeated applications. Great for everyday, as well as weekly conditioning or right after a perm or color job.

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