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vintage pin up hairstyles

Pin Up Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage pin up girl hairstyles.

John Frieda “Frizz Ease Hair Spray” Need the control, but hate the stickiness and smell of a strong hair spray? Here’s your answer. A great holding spray, that acts like a light weight. A photo trick? Instead of spraying the whole head to combat flyaways, spray on the palm of your hand, or ona toothbrush and lightly go over the area. Instant control for your pin up hairstyle.
Lanza “Megagel”
Want amazing, I mean super amazing hold? This gel is by far one of the absolute best You put it on, it dries, and your hair stays. Great for molding styles, slicking hair back, creating waves, and for just telling your hair what to do. And the best part is, no stickiness or flaking.

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